“Year of the Youth”: Investing in Atlanta’s Future with a Vision for a Better Atlanta

Mayor Andre Dickens kicked off February with a new, bold vision for Atlanta, one in which every child in the city has access to the resources they need to succeed. To make that vision a reality, he has launched the “Year of the Youth” initiative, a comprehensive plan to support child development, increase graduation rates, and eliminate food insecurity. This also comes in the wake of increased gun incidents involving children in the community. 

The initiative brings together representatives from Atlanta Public Schools, the city, the police department, and local nonprofits to work towards making Atlanta the best place to raise a child. “We want everyone engaged in this endeavor. Everyone who lives here, everyone who does business here, everyone that even travels here can help support the ATL year of the youth,” said Dickens.

The city is investing money into child development starting at infancy, with a focus on keeping parks and recreational facilities open with after-school programs. The mayor has also committed $1 million to nonprofits that support Atlanta’s kids and teens through the Youth Development Grant Program. In 2022, the City of Atlanta invested roughly $4 million into a summer youth employment program that hired roughly 3,000 youth, according to Dickens.

The “Year of the Youth” initiative is not just an investment in the future of Atlanta’s children; it is an investment in the city’s future. By supporting children’s success, the city is creating a brighter world for its residents. With recent devastation caused by gun violence, the initiative is more critical than ever.

The mayor’s invitation for everyone to get involved is an opportunity for residents, businesses, 

and organizations to work together to create a better Atlanta for all. The “Year of the Youth” initiative is a bold step towards achieving that goal. We hope to see this reality come to fruition through a synergy of community leaders, organizations, and institutions designed for children.

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