AFAEE Celebrates 2016 Winners


Every year, we are excited as Fall rolls around because it means we get the chance to partner with Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence in Education as they award our amazing educators throughout metro Atlanta. 

Brownieland Pictures started working with
AFAEE 4 years ago and at that time, they celebrated educators in just the
Atlanta Public School District. Since then, the awards have grown and now we
travel all around the metro area to capture these outstanding educators and
administrators in action. From creating a Kindle lending library in a school
that has no books available to their students, to cultivating a rooftop garden
from which produce is sold and entrepreneurial skills are taught, the teachers
and principals who win these awards are the best of the best. AFAEE is an
incredible organization and we can’t thank them enough for letting us be a part
of what they do to celebrate these incredible people!

Video coming soon…Until then, check out this photo taken after
Brownieland visited 10 schools in 2 days traveling 280 miles to help AFAEE
honor 10 fantastic teachers!

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