Enjoy the Holidays with Brownieland’s Favorite Movie Moments

Brownieland's Favorite Holiday Movie MomentsAs we are in the thick of the holiday season, what better way to relax and enjoy some downtime than by watching movies that make you feel good this time of year! The Brownieland Team is here to share our favorites, and If You Love Holiday Movies, Read This article by Refinery29 for more recommendations. You’ll be coasting through the rest of December and onward to 2020 with ease!

Randy’s Pick: When Harry Met Sally

While not my favorite holiday movie, I am still always reminded of “When Harry Met Sally” when I think of New Year’s, particularly the New Year’s Eve scene. At the end of the movie, Harry is professing his love to Sally, but still manages to wonder why we sing Auld Lang Sine, and if old acquaintances should really be forgotten.

Robyn’s Pick: The Year Without A Santa Claus

My favorite Holiday Movie is “The Year Without A Santa Claus”. This is a classic Rankin-Bass stop-motion animated movie that aired on television in the 70’s. I loved all of their movies, but this one featured Snow Miser and Heat Miser and their sibling rivalry to win their mother’s adoration. Plus, baby reindeer!

Kat’s Pick: It’s A Wonderful Life

It just doesn’t feel like the holidays at my house without watching, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” I never tire of this classic story that has been passed down through the years. What I love most about this movie is that I have fond memories of watching it with my family as a child and how it still resonates when I watch it with my son now. Any time a bell rings around the holidays, my son always repeats Zuzu’s famous line: “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!”

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