Brownieland’s January Volunteer Project with Handmade through the Junior League of Atlanta

For our January Volunteer Project, Brownieland’s Robyn Kranz shares her thoughts in this guest blog piece about her experience with Handmade through the Junior League of Atlanta!Brownieland’s January Volunteer Project with Handmade through Junior League of Atlanta

As a member of the Junior League of Atlanta, I have enjoyed volunteering with various organizations that are our partners. Each year we choose a “placement” or organization that we volunteer with to help improve the lives of women and girls throughout Atlanta. My placement this year is with Handmade through Junior League of Atlanta, which is a group of women who make items that we then donate to organizations, such as knitted beanies for the NICU babies at Grady Healthcare, or tutus for Girls on the Run teams. There are so many meaningful things that we create and donate.

My recent task was to make hygiene kits to deliver to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The task was straightforward, creating little bags of soap, combs, tissues, etc. to give to CHOA families. I created 50 of these bags in an evening and then delivered them the next day to the hospital. When I walked in to deliver the hygiene kits, I was greeted by a lovely woman at the desk, who was elated to receive the kits. She told me I was the MVP and how much the families would enjoy the kits and how grateful she was to me for making and delivering them.

As I turned around to leave, I heard her say again how happy the families would be, and I got teary-eyed. I have volunteered for many organizations over the years and have enjoyed every minute of my time, but for some reason, this was different. This was something that I had created, which was so simple, yet it brought so much joy and was so needed.

Everyone has their reasons that they volunteer, but I say to all, no matter your reason, thank you for every hour you give back to our Atlanta communities. The nonprofits in our area work tirelessly, and the volunteers are the heart and soul of so many of these organizations. Keep giving your time generously, and if you’re looking for a great fit to donate your efforts to, let us know. We can help you find an organization that will treasure you.

Find out how to get involved with Junior League of Atlanta HERE.

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