Brownieland Behind the Scenes featuring The Children’s School in Honor of Celebrate Diversity Month

In honor of Celebrate Diversity Month, we are featuring The Children’s School (TCS) for our April Brownieland Behind the Scenes Series!

Diversity is The Children’s School’s strength. Founded on the principle of welcoming all children, TCS community is one of the most diverse among all of Atlanta’s independent schools. TCS’s commitment to inclusion creates an environment where children and adults alike are free to be their authentic selves. In fact, prospective families consistently cite diversity as one of their top reasons for choosing The Children’s School. With a mission to enrich minds and inspire dreams, The Children’s School’s vibrant community is passionate about unlocking the potential of children from early childhood through eighth grade.

Behind the scenes with Brownieland during the filming of The Children’s School Diversity video.

Brownieland was honored to partner with The Children’s School to produce a video focusing on the diversity of TCS in Atlanta and the inclusiveness of the community. Watch the video to find out what students, faculty, staff and parents have to say about diversity and inclusion at The Children’s School.

At The Children’s School, learning is hands-on, minds-on, and all heart. TCS’s innovative curriculum uses immersive play and project-based learning to engage students and connect them to the world around them so they can see the relevance and impact of their learning. TCS utilizes project-based learning to embed big ideas, skills and academic subjects within an integrated, problem-based approach. When used together, it allows for a complete and nuanced understanding of the project and problems students are investigating. Students are able to go deeper into content in this type of exploration, and the research shows that learning this way leads to deeper academic understanding and content retention. 

Watch this video Brownieland produced in partnership with The Children’s School to learn more about how TCS nurtures the amazing through project-based learning!

At Brownieland Pictures, our mission is to empower nonprofits by expanding their reach and engaging communities through stories that inspire and motivate. We are grateful for the nonprofits who make a difference in our communities every day, and we are honored to partner with some incredible Atlanta organizations. With this in mind, each month in 2021, we will showcase the work of a nonprofit organization with whom we are partners and go behind the scenes to share their story for the greater good!

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