Brownieland Pictures Partners with the Atlanta Speech School to Produce Alumni Videos

Once again, Brownieland has partnered with the Atlanta Speech School to produce videos showcasing its remarkable programs. Learn more about the Atlanta Speech School’s Alumni Videos from their Director of Communications, Catherine Sabonis.​

The Atlanta Speech School is composed of four schools on campus, as well as a clinic and their Rollins Center – which works with schools across Georgia, and Cox Campus, which has an international audience. This makes telling their story complicated – and showing their story critical. There are lots of reasons to come to the Atlanta Speech School, and everyone leaves confident and prepared to take on the next Big Thing. With the intent of telling each of the stories, this fall we reached out to former students of every one of the programs now in area elementary schools, high schools, college, and even a law school graduate. The enthusiasm and gratitude of each was palpable – and their reflections on the Speech School were pure gold!

Here are four of the videos Brownieland produced in partnership with the Atlanta Speech School representing each of the schools.

Katherine Hamm Center

Anne and Jim Kenan Preschool

Stepping Stones Preschool

Wardlaw School

The Atlanta Speech School places a unique focus on comprehensive literacy. Its three independent preschools, the Wardlaw School for children in grades K-6 with dyslexia, and the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy are dedicated to ensuring every child receives the foundation necessary to decide their own future. Brain research emphasizes the value of connections over compliance when constructing the foundation for reading. Speech School programs emphasize practices that develop mutual respect between adults and children. This creates an ecosystem where every child feels safe and is able to build their brains for reading and all learning – taking risks, developing confidence and preparing for the explicit instruction that supports their ultimately making the most difference in the lives of others.

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