Brownieland Presents new Collaboration with Atlanta Speech School

This month, we were honored to produce a new overview video for the Atlanta Speech School. The collaboration proved to be another excellent opportunity for us to highlight an organization whose mission lies with literacy. The Atlanta Speech School’s mission is one of transformation. The lives of children and the adults they become are influenced by research-based practices, innovation, advocacy, and partnerships with other organizations so that each child at the Atlanta Speech School and every child beyond the campus can acquire the language and literacy foundation essential for deciding their own future.

In speaking with the organizations’ members, we heard stories that deeply resonated with us and showcase their vision. Their fantastic programming is tailored for each child, as one mother and Atlanta Speech School representative notes. “I was a Speech School mom, originally, and I was able to see the magic as a mother before being a professional here,” Director of Kenan Preschool Brooke Hight shared.  Moreover, the diagnostics and clinical approach are married with a fun and vibrant environment for partners, students, and teachers. 

Behind the Scenes, we received high praise from Atlanta Speech School Director of Communications, Catherine Sabonis, to advance their story even during an unprecedented pandemic. “We originally created these videos to provide online visitors with something like a remote open house during COVID – then we loved the outcome so much we kept finding uses. Brownieland knows us so well that when we needed to update the videos with new staff, some additional content and updated (maskless) b-roll, they made it almost effortless. The end result was even better than the start, a feat we couldn’t have imagined.  They were recently featured in a Board meeting and we got a lot of questions about how else we will use them – we are still deciding, but know they will be a focal point when we roll out our new website.”

We here at Brownieland continue to ensure that our work is also accessible to our partners, just as our partner organizations amplify their accessibility and resources to the greater community. 

As always we are proud to be a link in this chain of support and accessibility above all else. Make sure to check out this collaboration and the Atlanta Speech School’s comprehensive work as a literacy advocate.

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