Brownieland Celebrates 10 Years by Giving Back!


Check out the Brownieland Pictures January Newsletter to hear more about our 10-Year Anniversary!

Ten years ago, Brownieland Pictures took a leap of faith to follow our true passion — to partner with nonprofits creating emotionally compelling videos that make a difference.

We were inspired by those we met over the years who were tirelessly serving their community by spreading hope and facilitating change in everyday lives. Their stories of perseverance, sacrifice and unwavering dedication to the cause stirred a desire within us. We not only wanted to partner with these change-makers, we wanted to take it a step further – reformulate our company with a new mission dedicated to giving them a voice.

We’ve never looked back, and we’ve become a better company, better individuals for it.

The truth is, YOU have changed OUR lives. Watching you work, seeing you meet the challenges that face nonprofits every day, finding new opportunities to increase your outreach and wielding your influence to change flawed or broken systems.

While we recognize there is still more work to do, there can be no doubt the impact you have on our small corner of the world. Without you, thousands more would go hungry or die of exposure on the streets; more at-risk children would be left behind in schools and in their communities; more women would face the devastating consequences of abuse with nowhere to go and no one to turn to; more of our oldest and most vulnerable citizens would be forgotten, with their basic needs going unmet.

So this year, we want to THANK YOU.  We want to show you how many lives you’ve changed, including ours. This month we are kicking off our “10 in 10” campaign. We will be working with a nonprofit every month over the next 10 months and at year’s end, we will offer our services to one nonprofit to produce a 1-minute video, as our gift, to share the important mission with a greater audience. We would love to hear from you if you would like to nominate a nonprofit, even your own!

In addition, we will be featuring the “Best of Brownie” – looking back on our 10 years and spotlighting a client from each year to see how they are doing now. Please follow our social media platforms to stay informed!

Again, many thanks for your support during the past decade. We look forward to giving the real heroes of our communities a voice and sharing more of your stories for the greater good!

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