The Best of Brownie featuring the Atlanta Speech School (VIDEO)

In celebration of Brownieland’s 10-year anniversary, we are featuring the #Best of Brownie series where we look back through the years spotlighting a client and their mission.

This month, in honor of National Get Caught Reading Month, we are featuring “The Promise,” a video Brownieland Pictures produced in partnership with the Atlanta Speech School. This video, shown at a White House conference on education, presents children asking the viewer to make a promise that will forever shape their lives.

The mission of the Atlanta Speech School’s Rollins Center for Language & Literacy is to fulfill the 2020 Promise that by the year 2020, every early childhood educator in Georgia will have the skills to effectively prepare each of our children to meet or exceed grade level reading requirements by the end of 3rd grade. The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy currently provides free online courses on their Read Right from the Start Cox Campus to empower and support all who guide and work with children to adopt language and literacy practices that build the foundation children need to be great readers and pursue their own destinies.

We caught up with Kate Fleetwood, Birth to 3rd Grade Facilitator for the Atlanta Speech School, to discuss how the video, “The Promise,” has made an impact on the organization.

Tell us a little bit about the project Brownieland produced a few years ago.

The project was called “The Promise”. It was a video that featured Pre-K children talking to teachers about how critical talking with them is, every day. The children ask the teachers to make a promise that they will talk with them to help them become who they are meant to be.

How did you feel video could best capture the message you were trying to convey in the project?

Only 1/3 of our nation’s children read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade. We have to work together to change that and it all starts in early childhood. This video conveys how important it is that we engage children as our conversational partners so that we can build the foundation children need to become great readers and pursue their own destinies.

How was the video used and/or what did you hope the impact would be?

“The Promise” video is the first video our teachers watch when they begin training on Cox Campus.  We want people to understand from the beginning what our work is all about. When you engage in this work with us, you make a promise to engage each and every child as your conversational partner and give them the language and literacy skills they need to decide their future. This video delivers that message in a honest and empowering way.

Was there something in particular that stood out to you about Brownieland and working with a company solely focused on nonprofits?

We have been working with Brownieland for more than 6 years now.  There is a reason for that. Brownieland truly partners with us and believes our mission just as much as we do. They know they play a key role in helping us reach our 2020 goal and do everything possible to help us achieve it. They work with us to bring our vision to life and always exceed our expectations.

What are you up to now?

We continue to work with the amazing folks at Brownieland. Currently we are wrapping up our last infant and toddler course and then will be working on our K-3 Cox Campus content.

Additional thoughts or comments:

We love Brownieland! 🙂

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