Read Right From The Start (VIDEO)

Brownieland just wrapped up the final courses for the Infant Toddler track as part of the Read Right from the Start website! This series is designed to empower all who work with children to learn language and literacy skills which they can transfer to their students and give them every opportunity to be who they are meant to be. Over the years, it has been incredibly rewarding partnering with the Atlanta Speech School and their Rollins Center for Language & Literacy, creating Pre-K courses for their Read Right from the Start Cox Campus, which offers free online, early language and literacy courses, and we look forward to adding K-3 courses coming soon!

Read Right from the Start on the Cox Campus provides access to research-based professional development courses and resources for teachers and others in the critical path of children and families. Even more, the Cox Campus offers you the opportunity to connect with thousands of others working towards the same goal of radically transforming children’s learning environments so every child is on a path to reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade. Learn more HERE.

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