Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs Celebrates Small Business Owners (VIDEO)

Brownieland Pictures is proud to be a longtime partner of Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE), a nonprofit organization that provides low-interest loans and business development resources to small businesses and entrepreneurs allowing them to finance their dreams of becoming business owners. Brownieland produced a video in partnership with ACE to celebrate their milestones and to showcase some of their hard-working clients.

ACE, congratulations on your success and here’s to the amazing work you’re doing!

Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE) is moving the needle toward greater opportunity for small businesses owners, one client at a time. Since 2000, ACE has made more than $49 million in loans and created or retained more than 6,900 jobs. Presently, ACE serves 68 counties, including all of Metropolitan Atlanta and North Georgia-metro area. ACE loans are tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of enterprises, from the smallest of start-ups to long-established companies with large staffs. While Georgia ranks among the highest in the US in the rate of growth in diverse and women-owned small businesses, these eager entrepreneurs have the hardest time getting access to the capital and services they need. ACE’s loan programs and business advisory services give entrepreneurs customized support they need to build sustainable businesses to support themselves, their families, and their employees. While the capital, connections, and coaching that ACE provides are essential, it is the individualized approach to working with its clients that truly sets ACE apart. Find out more about this incredible nonprofit HERE.

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