Brownieland May Volunteer Project with the Wylde Center

The Brownieland Team got our hands in the dirt volunteering at the Wylde Center for our May Volunteer Project! Wylde Center offers educational programs, events, and greenspaces that actively engage youth, families, and individuals in their environment, health, and community, and that develop skills in environmental science, sustainable urban living, organic gardening, health, and nutrition.Brownieland Pictures volunteers with the Wylde Center
The Wylde Center‘s mission is to cultivate vibrant green spaces and inspire communities of environmental stewards. A wonderful way to support their mission is by volunteering. With more than six service opportunities per week, Wylde Center welcomes your help and encourages you to join them to DIG IN! Volunteer opportunities are available in their gardens, the plant sale, or assistance during one of their special events. We helped out with their plant sale by potting plants, filling trays, labeling plants, and watering the garden. Not only did we have fun, but we enjoyed learning about various plants and how their organization serves the community.

Wylde Center was founded in 1997 out of a need to provide opportunities to experience nature in an urban environment. Thanks to the community’s involvement and commitment, The Wylde Center now operates five green spaces in four different Decatur and Atlanta neighborhoods, open year-round for the community, for events and educational programs. Wylde Center also provides one of the most extensive youth environmental and science education programs in metro-Atlanta, including the Decatur Farm to School program, Atlanta Farm to School, Healthy Living by Healthy Growing at the Decatur Housing Authority, and science program and field trips linked to Common Core standards.

Find out more about this incredible organization HERE and about volunteer opportunities HERE.

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