Cox Campus Releases Two New Continuing Education Courses

This month, Read Right from the Start’s Cox Campus released two new continuing education courses for K through 3rd-grade teachers and school administrators produced by Brownieland Pictures in partnership with the Atlanta Speech School. Watch them HEREBrownieland Pictures partners with Read Right From the Start's Cox Campus and the Atlanta Speech School

In these courses, learn how to create the ideal K-3 classroom for students to thrive in “Ecosystems” and hear other school leaders explain what it means to have a clear vision for literacy in “Leadership for Literacy.” The great thing is that these courses are completely free, take only a few minutes, and will help you make an immediate and lasting impact with children!

Cox Campus is an online training program for early childhood educators, families, leaders, and community members that work with children birth to eight years of age. This research-based professional development program contains interactive, video-based coursework, that is focused on practical strategies teachers can use to promote young children’s language and literacy. 

Read Right from the Start’s Cox Campus states that from birth, young children need strong relationships with adults who engage them in conversation and celebrate their use of language. More conversations lead to stronger brain connections, closer relationships, and a solid foundation for language development and all learning, including reading. Through free, language & literacy courses, the Cox Campus helps teachers transform learning environments, so every child is on a path to reading proficiently. Find out more about this remarkable program HERE.

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