Brownieland’s August Volunteer Project with Kate’s Club

For our August Volunteer Project, the Brownieland Team signed up for Kate’s Club Adopt a Meal Program to provide and serve dinner for Kate’s Club Orientation Night. 

Brownieland Pictures August Volunteer Project with Kate's Club
Brownieland’s Randy Frostig and Robyn Kranz preparing food for Kate’s Club Adopt a Meal Volunteer Program.

The mission of Kate’s Club is to empower children and teens facing life after the death of a parent or sibling. The Kate’s Club approach is based on four cornerstones; all of which support an environment where grieving children and their families can re-engage in life and turn a potentially debilitating loss into an opportunity for growth. 

The first cornerstone is fun because laughter really is the best medicine. Providing an opportunity to laugh provides them an opportunity to live. The second cornerstone is community. Death and grief are not openly discussed in American society. Providing children with a peer group of other children and mentors that share this similar experience rebuilds a fundamental, social foundation currently not being provided in many communities, including Atlanta. The third cornerstone is safety. Sharing cannot occur unless someone feels safe. Kate’s Club is focused on creating a healing environment where participants find comfort in sharing when they are ready.

The forth cornerstone is long-term. Children who lose a loved one are at greater risk for behavioral issues two years after the loss than they were either immediately or one year after the loss. Recognizing that grief is a long term issue and not an event, Kate’s Club provides long term support to children as they face the challenges of life after a loved one has died. These four cornerstones are at the heart of Kate’s Club vision: to create a world where it is okay to grieve. 

Volunteering is a wonderful way to support Kate’s Club mission. They offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that include: Program Volunteer, Clubhouse Support Team, Skills- Based Projects and Leadership Positions, Administrative Projects, Clubhouse Cleaning Crew, Adopt-A-Meal, Special Event Committees, Supply and Snack Drives, or giving a donation. Find out more about these opportunities HERE.

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