Brownieland Visits Pajama Program Reading Center

Last year the Brownieland Team volunteered with the Pajama Program Atlanta for our December Volunteer Project. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to do it again this year!Brownieland Pictures Volunteers with Pajama Program Reading Center AtlantaThe Pajama Program Reading Center Atlanta opened in 2017 and has welcomed thousands of children since that day. The children experience reading time with caring volunteers, choose a book to bring home, and receive a new pair of cozy pajamas. The goal of Pajama Program is for every child to feel the love and comfort that lets them escape into peaceful sleep and to awaken empowered with the energy and resilience that can change every one of their days for the better.

Pajama Program is able to give a soothing bedtime to children because of the generosity of corporations and individual community members who care. The simple but magical gifts of pajamas and books help children go to sleep in peace and awaken with their hearts open and full of courage, ready for whatever challenges the day may bring. Visits to the Reading Center are paid for by funds raised by supporters so that children can participate at no cost. Supporting Pajama Program, whether it’s through donating new pajamas and books, volunteering, or financial support, makes a difference and shows these children they matter.Pajama Program Atlanta Winter Warm Up

Join Pajama Program Atlanta for their Annual Winter Warm Up event on Wednesday, December 4th! Volunteers, community ambassadors, and corporate leaders will come together for a cocktail reception at the Reading Center to support comforting sleep routines for ALL children to help them thrive. Contributions to the Annual Winter Warm Up will directly impact the over 5,000 children who visit the Reading Center from their 60 local Community Partners (under-resourced schools, state-funded Pre-K programs, shelters, social service organizations, and foster care agencies). Each child who comes to the Reading Center receives a new pair of pajamas and a new book. Pajamas and books represent what matters: comfort, security, and connection with a loving caregiver at bedtime. Find out more HERE.

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