Brownieland Partners with Junior Achievement to produce video for JA Atlanta Business Hall of Fame

Junior Achievement is an incredible organization that helps students acquire business and life skills that will prepare them for our global economy. From learning how to create a budget to becoming an entrepreneur, Junior Achievement gives students the knowledge they need to be successful. Every year, Junior Achievement honors leaders in the business community who have made a significant impact in Georgia during the JA Atlanta Business Hall of Fame. Brownieland had the distinct privilege to create the video for their event featuring two incredible students who have been through the JA programs and are graduating career-ready. Watch to learn more about this fantastic organization and these remarkable students!

The vision of Junior Achievement (JA) is to develop a generation of individuals who are armed with the confidence, knowledge, and determination to build a better future for themselves and their community. JA works to give students from kindergarten through high school the knowledge and skills they need to own their success, plan for their futures, and make educated academic and economic choices. Through partnerships with more than 200 organizations, 15,000 volunteers, and leading school districts, JA of Georgia impacts more than 175,000 students annually. JA of Georgia’s programs are intensely focused on bringing relevance, authenticity, and application into everyday learning to energize students around academics and their future possibilities. Through partnerships with business and education communities, JA of Georgia brings academics to life by creating meaningful learning experiences. At the heart of Junior Achievement’s work is preparing today’s students for the demands of tomorrow’s economy. Learn more about this incredible organization HERE and how you can get involved HERE.

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