Brownieland June Volunteer Project with the Atlanta Community ToolBank and Pebble Tossers

For our June Volunteer Project, the Brownieland Team participated in one of Pebble Tossers’ Virtual Volunteer Projects with the Atlanta Community ToolBankThe Atlanta Community ToolBank donated kits and hosted a virtual workshop via Zoom for Pebble Tossers Volunteers. The ToolBank host demonstrated basic hammering techniques as each volunteer followed steps to create a small keepsake box. The project’s goal was to show kids how to use a hammer with adult supervision and come away with their own handmade keepsake box and mini-workbench kit. The host was engaging, and our little volunteer really enjoyed learning new skills!

Brownieland Pictures June Volunteer Project with the Atlanta ToolBank through Pebble Tossers

The Atlanta Community ToolBank lends tools to nonprofits and charitable organizations that equip volunteers. Those volunteers complete service projects, making Atlanta a more vibrant and progressive place for everyone. The ToolBank offers a Tool Lending Program, Virtual Tool Training Center, and Facility Rentals. The ToolBank provides Pebble Tossers with supplies for many volunteer projects, including paint supplies and gardening tools. The kits for this project were donated by the Home Depot Foundation and the ToolBank. Pebble Tossers is a youth development nonprofit with a mission to empower and equip youth to lead through service. By partnering with nonprofit partners across Metro Atlanta, Pebble Tossers creates pathways for youth to engage in age-appropriate volunteer service opportunities to learn selflessness and empathy and hone leadership skills. Find volunteer opportunities with Pebble Tossers HERE.

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