This Little Light of Mine

This summer, the Atlanta Speech School is offering free summer learning experiences designed for children from birth to 3rd grade “with a reading-based focus that celebrates children’s emotions, encourages empathy and ensures teachers know how to assess and teach each child.” Brownieland produced a video in partnership with the Atlanta Speech School featuring Tim Miller of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra singing, “This Little Light of Mine.” The video highlights the idea that learning needs to be better for teachers, parents, and children. We can’t go back to the way it was before; we need to allow all children to shine their lights and share their voices with the world. Watch this compelling video and then head to the Cox Campus Shine Your Light 2020 for engaging free online courses for your children!

Established in 1938, the Atlanta Speech School is the nation’s most comprehensive center for language and literacy. Positioned at the intersection of brain science and social science, the Atlanta Speech School effects transformative change in the lives of children and adults through research-based practices, innovation, advocacy, and partnerships with other organizations so that each child at the Atlanta Speech School and every child in Georgia can acquire the language and literacy abilities essential for deciding his or her own future. Learn more about the Atlanta Speech School and its remarkable programs HERE.

Cox Campus provides free, online access to research-based professional development courses and resources for teachers and others in the critical path of children and families. Even more, the Cox Campus offers the opportunity to connect with thousands of others working towards the same goal. Through free, language & literacy courses, the Cox Campus helps teachers transform learning environments, so every child is on a path to reading proficiently. Find out more about the Cox Campus HERE.

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