Brownieland and The Atlanta Speech School Collaborate on Instructional Video for the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy’s Cox Campus

The Atlanta Speech School has released its second installment of the Cox Campus three-part instructional coaching series for instructional coaches and prospective instructional coaches who work with teachers of children from birth through age 5. Watch the latest video Brownieland produced in partnership with The Atlanta Speech School and learn more about the continuing education video course from The Atlanta Speech School’s Director of Communications, Catherine Sabonis.​

This month, the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy at the Atlanta Speech School released the latest course on their Cox Campus for teachers in the birth to five space.  At this earliest stage of life, more connections are forming in the brain than any other – and adults have the chance to lay foundations for future reading and all learning. Instructional coaches work with teachers and childcare providers to support their teaching of students in line with the science to make the most impact on learning during this critical developmental stage.

Relationships are the Heart of Coaching is the second instructional video in this course and focuses on the importance of making real connections when establishing a coaching relationship. Just like the critical nature of relationships when working with children – that is, children only learn when they feel safe and supported – adults also respond best when they are understood and encouraged to experiment. Through the course, coaches are prepared to build strong coaching relationships through self-awareness, understanding the learning, and building trust.

Brownieland is working with the Rollins Center to complete all courses in the Coaching track. The next two, focusing on the coaching process and the role of leadership in building an effective coaching program, will be released this fall. 

The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy and its philanthropically-funded FREE Cox Campus – with over 165,000 members worldwide, from more than 100 countries – partners with leaders in the science of literacy and child development to influence and inform every course offered on Cox Campus and to help realize Rollins’ mission of educational equity. Literacy, while the explicit goal, is not an end in itself. Rather, it is only through deep reading that a child grows to an adult with the capacity to decide their own future and make the most difference in the lives of others. Through literacy, all our children can and will have a just future.

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