Brownieland Behind the Scenes featuring CHRIS 180 in Celebration of 40 Years of Service

For our June Brownieland Behind the Scenes, we are showcasing CHRIS 180 in celebration of their 40 years of service to the Atlanta community! 

CHRIS 180 is one of those organizations that when you ask what it does for our community, you really should be asking what DOESN’T CHRIS 180 do! CHRIS is an acronym that represents the organization’s core values: Creativity, Honor, Respect, Integrity, and Safety. For 40 years, CHRIS 180 has helped families thrive, given adoption and foster support, helped with homelessness and mental health issues, and has taken care of teens who age out of the foster care system. 

Brownieland Behind the Scenes featuring CHRIS 180 in Celebration of 40 Years of Service

CHRIS 180 has a long history of being at the forefront of behavioral health and child welfare to fill a gap in services for children and youth with behavioral and emotional challenges who were not thriving in foster homes and needed small specialized group homes. CHRIS 180’s holistic approach enables children, youth, and families to change the direction of their lives and become self-sufficient, contributing adults despite challenging circumstances.

On June 8, 1981, members of The Junior League of Atlanta, Inc., founded Georgia CHARLEE to fill gaps in the state’s foster care system. Now known as CHRIS 180, the organization’s vision is to improve the community by providing children, adults, and families with high-quality, trauma-informed behavioral health services and support systems. CHRIS 180 offers a multitude of programs that focus on children’s mental health, developing youth, family support, healing communities, homelessness, and the opioid epidemic. Since opening its doors, CHRIS 180 has served more than 100,000 children, youth, adults, and families, helping them build resiliency through tough times.

Speaking of tough times, when COVID-19 hit, CHRIS 180 realized their clients and the community needed additional support, so they stepped up to the plate by maintaining services to ensure the safety of their community. The services CHRIS 180 provided throughout the pandemic included meal distribution, client visitations, community housing efforts, drop-in center availability for homeless youth, and monthly live sessions on social media. Their next Lunchtime Live session, a free yoga and meditation class airs this Friday, June 25 at 12:30 P.M. on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch this video Brownieland produced in partnership with CHRIS 180 to find out more about the wraparound services they have given to the Atlanta community during the pandemic.

Every year, CHRIS 180 hosts The CHRIStal Ball, which supports CHRIS 180’s mission to heal children, strengthen families and build community. This annual event celebrates extraordinary leaders in our community who have partnered with CHRIS 180 to change the direction of the lives of so many people in the greater Atlanta area. This year on August 19th, The CHRIStal Ball event will honor Arthur Blank and Sheila Weidman-Farley at the Mercedez-Benz Stadium with a virtual option available. Join CHRIS 180 as they commemorate their legacy and forty years of impact! Find out more about The CHRIStal Ball here.

CHRIS 180's The CHRIStal Ball event

This month, CHRIS 180 is not only celebrating 40 years of service, but it’s also a time to celebrate LGBTQ+ month. CHRIS 180 is the first and largest nonprofit organization in Georgia to openly celebrate and serve LGBTQ+ youth. The work of CHRIS 180 has always been underscored by a belief in acceptance and equity, that everyone deserves the support needed to change the direction of their lives. CHRIS 180 has continually focused on the needs of at-risk youth, filling gaps and targeted services to reach them where they are, provide acceptance, understanding, and counseling as they start the next chapter of their lives. This work includes educating families toward acceptance of LGBTQ+ youth as well as intervening to reduce the harmful effects of family rejection. Diversity, inclusivity, acceptance, and unconditional love are foundational to CHRIS 180’s ethics and values with a hope that through their services, thousands of LGBTQ+ young adults are able to reach their potential.

Learn more in this video Brownieland produced in partnership with CHRIS 180 in support of LGBTQ+ Youth!

How can you lend a hand? There are many ways to help CHRIS 180 support Metro Atlanta. Contributing to this incredible nonprofit enables CHRIS 180 to continue to transform the lives of those they have served for forty years. Learn more about how you can get involved here.

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