Brownieland Produces Viral Video in Partnership with The Atlanta Speech School

We are excited to announce that a video Brownieland produced with longtime partners, The Atlanta Speech School, has gone viral with over one million views! This incredible video, 44 Phonemes, was created for the Rollins Center for Language and Literacy’s Cox Campus, a professional development platform that offers free, research-based online courses for teachers. 44 Phonemes features the talent of Yvette Manns, a former K-3 Facilitator at Rollins Center for Language and Literacy. Learn about Yvette’s background  as a facilitator and her experience creating this informative video in our Brownieland Guest Blog from 2019 here.

This is the second time Brownieland has created a viral video through our collaboration with The Atlanta Speech School. The first video, Every Opportunity, features a child who goes through his day being ignored, yelled at, and silenced. The story shifts direction halfway through the video, illustrating how changes in adult behavior can reinforce a child’s ability to learn and flourish. Every Opportunity also won Brownieland a 23rd Annual Communicator Award Excellence selected by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts in the Nonprofit Video Category. We are humbled by the success of this piece and how it has resonated with people. 

The Atlanta Speech School effects transformative change in the lives of children and adults through three preschools, a k-6 elementary school for children with dyslexia, a clinic offering therapeutic and academic language, literacy and learning services, and partnerships with other organizations. Across all programs, the goal of the Atlanta Speech School is to ensure that each child on campus and every child beyond the campus can acquire the language and literacy foundation necessary for self-determination. The Atlanta Speech School’s Rollins Center for Language and Literacy guides educators, healthcare agencies, families, and child-facing professionals to develop and endow literacy through coaching and professional instruction. Find out more about The Atlanta Speech School here.

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