Brownieland celebrates World Humanitarian Day with Inspiritus 

For our August Volunteer Project, Brownieland connected with local nonprofit organization, Inspiritus through the Emory University Center for Humanitarian Emergencies volunteer program. Inspiritus is a burgeoning nonprofit that strives to guide individuals and families on a path from surviving to thriving. This mighty goal is no small feat, as Inspiritus’ platform provides direct care to communities in four key areas: basic needs, stability/safety, community integration, and self-sufficiency/self-determination. 

Brownieland Pictures Volunteers with Atlanta Nonprofit Organization Inspiritus.

In celebration of World Humanitarian Day, the Brownieland Team amplified Inspiritus’ mission by volunteering our time and resources towards such a robust organization. We participated in Inspiritus’ kit assembly engagement opportunity for individuals and large groups in hopes of making an impact alongside their team. Inspiritus’ clothing closet is currently in need of the following donation items: umbrellas, saucepans with lids, boy’s teen clothing sizes 14/16/18, boy’s shoes, blankets, and small appliances (coffee makers, irons, etc.). Additionally, Inspiritus is requesting larger donation items, such as adult bikes. We hope to encourage anyone and everyone to reach into their storage spaces and donate as many items as possible. Brownieland believes in Inspiritus’ mission, and we wish to inspire others in building community. 

Inspiritus’ mission is one of empowerment and purpose for those who have experienced devastating or difficult life disruptions. With this focus, they are able to serve the community through a wide array of initiatives geared towards all walks of life: adoption, disability services, disaster response, family intervention, financial empowerment, foster care, and refugee services. As community advocates, Inspiritus formulates these connections through communal volunteering, long-term mentorship programs, intervention services, and mutual aid initiatives such as donation drives. Inspiritus’ impact is vast and interconnected. Across their six regional offices in the state of Georgia alone, they serve thousands of individuals annually and ensure safe environments for marginalized communities susceptible to political and environmental disaster. If you were looking for the opportunity to make an impact with such a driven organization, now is your chance!

Find out more about Inspiritus HERE.

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