Brownieland Collaborates with STE(A)M Truck for their ‘Chip Camp’

The month of September gave Brownieland an excellent opportunity to partner with STE(A)M Truck and Micron to support kids through their ‘Chip Camp.’ These sponsors have a two-fold mission, as they allow children aged K-12 and beyond to get hands-on experience with technology development, and in addition, empower teachers with the resources they need to continue this work once they drive away. With their fleet of mobile innovation labs, they are able to provide students with on-site access to expertise and equipment STEAM through problem-based learning experiences. 

Watch our most-recent video collaboration with STE(A)M Trucks to learn more!

The impact STE(A)M Trucks have on the communities they visit is both empowering and measurable; with 73% of their students experiencing increased confidence in pursuing a STEM career, and 88% of students having improved non-cognitive skills. In addition, STE(A)M Truck has added programming with Norfolk State University, a Historically Black College/University. By building this type of access for students, STE(A)M Truck prides itself on their commitment to a range of communities. 

You, too, can join the STE(A)M Truck movement! Together, we can eliminate the systemic barriers in public education and create positive outcomes for students across the Atlanta area. Whether you are looking to customize a STE(A)M truck program, participate with your very own hands-on experience as a volunteer, or make a monetary donation. Support their mission today and provide equitable access and life-changing educational opportunities for the young minds of the future. Help make the childrens’ success in STEM a reality!

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