“Brownielandx” Impact Speaker Series: Meaningful Conversations, Free and Open to All

Brownieland is proud to present our most recent video production which showcases Georgia Tech’s long-held tradition of community lectures, the Impact Speaker Series. These discussions are hosted by the Scheller College of Business in order to engage students, faculty, staff and the wider community on topics that matter. In these conversations, leaders and entrepreneurs from all sectors present industry information in a publicly accessible and discussion-based format that is also supported by Thomas R. Williams Endowed lecture series. 

We highly encourage everyone to tune into this exceptional lecture series to hear the stories of some amazing academics, entrepreneurs, creatives, and industry revolutionaries. Most recently, Georgia Tech invited professionals such as Facebook whistleblower and founder of Beyond the Screen, Francis Haugen as well as author of True North: Emerging Leaders, Bill George. These discussions are focused on democratizing information both through the professional’s work and life experience. Haugen discusses the large social implications of Facebook’s algorithm while George discusses the leadership shifts occurring across generations. 

For students, the lecture series functions as an excellent interactive opportunity to learn cutting edge topics directly from professionals. Dori Pap, Managing Director, Institute for Leadership and Social Impact, explains that you can come listen to a speaker for 30 minutes and get the latest and greatest news from across industries. Students can also network with these professionals for potential work opportunities in the future.

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