Getting Involved: Brownieland’s commitment to Second Helpings Atlanta Meals with Meaning, Autumn Care Kits

Brownieland’s October volunteer project with esteemed community organization, Second Helpings Atlanta, was yet another successful collaboration with their powerful initiative, Meals with Meaning. On Wednesday mornings, groups of 20-25 volunteers gather from 9 AM- 1PM to create meal kits in Downtown Atlanta. A typical Wednesday morning generates about 2000, four-serving meal kits for our neighbors in need. This equals a whopping 8000 total meals. This time, the focus was on creating kits for our unhoused neighbors in Atlanta. Using items donated by Chick-Fil-A staff from their Staff Summit, we packed up kits of socks, bar soap, soup packets, and dental hygiene products and other necessities to be distributed directly to in the community.

Second Helpings Atlanta is committed to distributing resources that help alleviate both time and financial burden by providing recipients with ready-to-prepare complete meals. Current statistics show that in Georgia alone, there are 1,141,880 people facing hunger–and of them 360,210 are children. Thus, SHA’s ready meals are an imperative. Current hunger statistics also report households with children that are headed by single mothers, in particular, have the highest rate of food insecurity. These kits are the crux of what it means to generate solutions for the community and combating those statistics head-on. Ready-to-prepare, fresh meals allow recipients to cook balanced meals and provide the opportunity for families and communities to connect together over a home-cooked meal. 

So, why volunteer with Second Helpings Atlanta? Simple, this organization’s initiative is not about charitable donation of time and resources; rather, the main focus is on establishing community. As the weather gets colder, we are reminded of the coming Holiday season. Now is a perfect time to gather your family, friends, and neighbors for a real community-building experience with SHA. Click here to sign up for their regularly scheduled volunteer initiative, a great event for individuals and groups alike. 

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