SNEAK PEAK: Hands-On STE(A)M Truck Experience Takes Root in Clayton County Middle Schools

Photo credit to STE(A)M Truck

We are excited to announce a sneak preview for upcoming programming with a collaborator Brownieland knows and loves. Clayton County Public Schools and STE(A)M Truck have teamed up to revolutionize the way students learn. The partnership began in 2021 with a three-year plan to complement and align with the teachers’ curriculum at four of the Clayton County Middle Schools: Mundy’s Mill, Babb, North Clayton, and MD Roberts. The program will expand each year to include more students, starting with 6th grade students in year one, growing to 7th grade in year two, and finally 8th grade in year three.

The partnership also includes programs and coaching for teachers, ensuring that they have the tools and knowledge to continue including hands-on learning aspects throughout their school year. This year, students will build self-watering planters and pyramid planters as they analyze the impact of food deserts on their lives and the community.

The partnership between Clayton County Public Schools and STE(A)M Truck is also an exciting development for STEAM education in the region. Through this collaboration, students have access to innovative experiences that can spark their interest in STEAM subjects, helping to foster a love for these fields that can last a lifetime.

By giving students the opportunity to apply STEAM subjects to real-world challenges, they are able to see the practical applications of their learning, which can deepen their understanding of the material. This, in turn, can lead to better performance in their coursework, increased confidence, and a greater sense of engagement with their education.

The long-term goal of this partnership is to have a lasting impact on students’ educational careers, helping to prepare them for success in their future endeavors. By providing them with access to quality STEAM education, Clayton County Public Schools and STE(A)M Truck are giving students the tools they need to excel in a rapidly changing world.

The partnership between Clayton County Public Schools and STE(A)M Truck is a great example of how organizations can work together to provide students with innovative learning opportunities. By giving students access to hands-on STEAM education, they are able to engage with the material in a way that can deepen their understanding and lead to greater success in their future academic and professional careers.

Ready to help empower the next generation of STEAM innovators? Join us in supporting the dynamic partnership between Clayton County Public Schools and STE(A)M Truck today!

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