A, B, Seas Language and Literacy Gala: A Night to Remember

On Sunday, March 26, Brownieland had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta Speech School’s A, B, Seas Language and Literacy Gala. This event was hosted by the Atlanta Speech School Guild, whose tireless efforts foster community-building and fundraising to support the Atlanta Speech School. We gathered at our city’s beloved Georgia Aquarium, where we dined among the bustling marine life to support the Atlanta Speech School Guild in their largest fundraiser of the year. With such an outstanding organization, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate with those near and dear to our hearts at the Speech School. 

During the event, students and attendees spoke endlessly about the effect of this organization. The Atlanta Speech School has a truly immeasurable range of impact for children of all ages.

We were able to see, firsthand, the excitement students feel when recounting their time at school. One student mentions that they can come to teachers with open arms, and similarly others raved about the kindness their teachers regularly exhibit. At its core, this institution builds a beautiful environment where children can learn with ease, kindness, and community.”

For need-based students, this institution also affords them the opportunity to attend school without the economic burden, and these events are crucial in providing direct funding for those children. The proceeds are going to support the school’s $1.6 million need-based financial aid program, assisting students and providing access to quality education and expertise.  

This event held space for 34+ dedicated sponsors and raised donations for literacy through activities such as the iconic silent auction. Although the event has come and gone for the year, we should all take a moment to celebrate the difference the Atlanta Speech School’s dedicated faculty and staff are making in the lives of our children in Atlanta. In the meantime, get an early start on next year’s gala. Atlanta Speech School receives donations of various forms and sizes, no gift is too big or small. We encourage our readership to donate in any way you can, today!

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