The Best of Brownie featuring The Atlanta Women’s Foundation (VIDEO)

In celebration of Brownieland’s 10-year anniversary, we are featuring the #Best of Brownie series where we look back through the years spotlighting a client and their mission.

Since March is National Women’s History month, we are spotlighting a video we created in partnership with The Atlanta Women’s Foundation.

The mission of The Atlanta Women’s Foundation is to be a catalyst for change in the lives of women and girls and to end generational poverty. Brownieland was privileged to help further their cause and work with their incredible honorees in this video for the Sue Wieland Awards.

Atlanta Women’s Foundation from Brownieland Pictures on Vimeo.

We caught up with Executive Director Kelly Dolan, who worked closely with Brownieland Pictures on this project, to discuss how the video impacted the Foundation.

Tell us a little bit about the project Brownieland produced in partnership with the Atlanta Women’s Foundation:

Brownieland produced a video for us that was used at a major fundraising luncheon.  It painted a picture of the interrelated issues involved in generational poverty while also illustrating solutions to the problems and how those solutions positively change the lives of women and girls.

How did you feel video could best capture the message you were trying to convey in the project?

The video used creative visual symbols that gave a sense of hope to what could have been a discouraging set of messages.  It was artistically done in a way that honestly articulated the challenges while also conveying a sense of an ability to overcome.

What impact did the video have on your event?

The video was used as part of a fundraising luncheon and emphasized that 81,000 girls in metro Atlanta live in poverty.  The fundraising “ask” in the room was for the guests to make a contribution of at least $81 in honor of those girls in poverty – the luncheon set a record for highest number of individual donations ever collected by AWF at the annual event.

What advantages did you find in working with a company solely focused on nonprofits?

Given their broad experience working with nonprofits, Brownieland brought a strategic approach to the video that was beautifully combined with artisanship in order to create a moving and educational experience for the audience that resulted in their taking the action to donate and support the cause.

For more #BestofBrownie, check out Brownieland Pictures on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, follow the Brownieland Pictures #10in10 Campaign to check out all of the wonderful nonprofit organizations we will volunteer with this year. We want to hear your stories for the greater good so that we can share how your organization is impacting communities!

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