Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Tribute to the Hall’s (VIDEO)

Brownieland’s long-standing partnership with the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech is a relationship we are very proud of. The amazing caliber of students and the work being done throughout Georgia Tech is inspiring, to say the least. Brownieland had the pleasure of highlighting an amazing alumnus and his wife, Pamela and Colonel Stephen Hall. The video was created for the Dean’s Appreciation Award ceremony. This event honors amazing students, current and former, who have done outstanding work. Seeing what they have to offer, there will be no shortage of future awards to bestow. Congratulations to all of the recipients!

Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts provides a crucial link for solving the complex challenges facing our world. Their faculty and students examine the principles, ethics, and societal impacts of technologies and globalization. By bridging social concerns and technologies, they engender compassionate solutions to improve the human condition. These initiatives seek to increase the coherence, vibrancy, and impact of liberal arts at Georgia Tech and carry forward the Allen legacy of socially conscious urban leadership.

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