The Children’s School: Diversity (VIDEO)

Brownieland has continued its partnership with The Children’s School, creating the second in a series of four videos. This video focuses on the diversity of The Children’s School and the inclusiveness of the community. Diversity to The Children’s School is not a recent tenet. The school was founded on the principle of welcoming all children. This amazing school has so much to offer the children of Atlanta and we are proud to collaborate with them!

The Children’s School is what school should be—a vibrant launchpad for
kids to thrive in the 21st century. TCS understands that what kids will
need to succeed in tomorrow’s changing, interconnected world goes far
beyond simply memorizing the facts and figures required by outdated
standardized tests. It’s a transformative learning journey we’re
leading, where kids, and their parents, get to discover who they
are—their strengths, how they learn and what they love. Find out more about this remarkable school HERE.

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