Georgia Tech: CRAFTed with Pride in the USA (VIDEO)

Brownieland was excited to partner with the Georgia Institute of Technology on this video about Georgia Tech’s CRAFTed (Center for Research in Apparel Fabrication Technologies) with Pride in the USA project. In this video, GA Tech Professor and Director of the Kolon Center for Lifestyle Innovation, Sundaresan Jayaraman, discusses how this project will revolutionize the landscape of the US apparel industry and give it a much-needed boost by creating new, high-tech jobs in America. For more information about the CRAFTed with Pride project, check out this article.

The Georgia Tech Kolon Center for Lifestyle Innovation (KCLI) is an interdisciplinary research center, which brings together faculty and students from across Georgia Tech to explore the role of advanced materials and manufacturing in bringing about lifestyle innovation through world-class research and development. Find out more about the Kolon Center for Lifestyle Innovation and the Georgia Tech School of Materials, Science and Engineering HERE.

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