PADV’s 30th Annual Hearts with Hope Gala

Partnership Against Domestic Violence will be holding their 30th Annual Hearts with Hope Gala at The Whitley Buckhead on the evening of May 19th, with more than 400 corporate and community leaders expected to attend. At the black-tie event, PADV celebrates the organization’s mission to end the crime of intimate partner violence and empower survivors by highlighting success stories and honoring a survivor with PADV’s Purple Hearts with Hope Award, paying tribute to domestic violence survivors who have transformed their lives through empowerment, courage, and determination. The Hearts with Hope Gala is one of the leading and longest-running Galas in metro Atlanta and features a posh cocktail hour, fine dining, dancing, and an exciting auction filled with over a hundred high-end desirables.

Each year this inspirational event raises domestic violence awareness and well over half of a million dollars to allow PADV to continue its life-saving work. Since it generates almost 20% of the general operating budget, it is an immensely important occasion which directly affects how many people PADV can assist with their wide-range of free programs and services.

The PADV Gala supports every aspect of their programs which are critical to their vision of a community free of domestic violence. PADV is the largest domestic violence agency in Georgia, and gracious donors give them the ability to continue life-saving efforts. PADV helps to transform the lives of approximately 20,000 women and children every year through emergency intervention, education, violence prevention and long-term advocacy. Supporting PADV’s Gala is essential because:

  • 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.
  • Recently in Georgia, 74% of domestic violence victims reported having stayed with an abuser longer because of financial reasons.
  • Over 20% of PADV’s annual operating budget is generated by the Hearts with Hope Gala, enabling PADV to offer all of their programs and services entirely FREE of charge.

Each year PADV’s Hearts with Hope Gala is a celebration unlike any other, honoring the many triumphs of clients and the greatest champions of their cause to create hope for a domestic violence-free future and to ensure that PADV has the resources needed to continue stopping the violence in our community. Join powerful hearts full of life and compassion as PADV creates the possibility of a better tomorrow for abuse victims!  

Brownieland is proud to have volunteered with PADV Atlanta and to see first-hand the incredible work they do. Find out more about PADV Atlanta HERE and the Hearts with Hope Gala HERE.

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