Read Right from the Start launches exciting new course: Build My Brain

Brownieland’s partnership with the Atlanta Speech School’s Rollins Center for Language and Literacy continues with the latest release of the Build My Brain course on Read Right from the Start’s Cox Campus.

The Build My Brain course is a partnership with agencies throughout the state, and Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child, to help teach all groups that work with children how to communicate with them to build their reading brains. Early experiences affect the architecture of the brain and determine long-term outcomes in health, learning, and behavior. The Build My Brain course connects the science of early childhood development to work in early childhood education, public health, and social services. From caregivers to security guards, everyone can be a change agent for children’s healthy brain development and lifelong well-being.

To learn more, check out and click on the Build My Brain video course.


Read Right from the Start on the Cox Campus offers free, video-based courses and resources for early education teachers and others in the critical path of children and families. These courses are based on proven language and literacy practices that teachers can immediately use with their children. The Cox Campus is made up of a community of early childhood education professionals, families, caregivers, leaders, and community members committed to supporting each other. Even more, the Cox Campus offers the opportunity to connect with thousands of others working towards the same goal of radically transforming children’s learning environments so every child is on a path to reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade. Find out more about Read Right from the Start Cox Campus HERE.

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