Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta 2018 Awards (VIDEO)

Honoring outstanding members of the community is a feature of Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta’s annual meeting. Brownieland had the opportunity for the third year in a row to meet these generous individuals and capture their stories. Congratulations to all of the winners and we look forward to seeing their contributions throughout the year!


Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta’s mission is to transform Jewish values into tangible deeds. JFGA cares for the vulnerable, rescues the imperiled, and strengthens the Jewish community in Atlanta, in Israel and around the world. JFGA’s vision is of a thriving, inclusive Atlanta community, with healthy organizations that engage every generation to secure our Jewish future. JFGA values compassion, diversity, generosity and commitment to Jewish values and people worldwide and  offers a wide-range of programs that support disabilities, aging well, health and finance, well-being, engagement, community-wide education and leadership development. Find out more about this remarkable organization HERE.

Watch the videos below to find out more about the 2018 winners!


Tikkum Olam/Community Impact Award Winner:  Sally Mundell

Mary & Max London People Power Award Winner:  Russell Gottschalk

Gerald H. Cohen Community Development Award Winner:  Matt Shulman


Marilyn Shubin Professional Staff Development Award Winner: Jeremy Katz

Abe Schwartz Young Leadership Award Winner:  Adam Kazinec

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