Building a Strong Jewish Community with JFGA (VIDEO)

Being all things to a community is a challenge. Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta (JFGA) is working to be a source for the community to rely on for culture, tradition, and innovation in Jewish Atlanta. Brownieland partnered again with JFGA to create a video that showcases all the work Federation does to help serve Atlanta. We also highlight their commitment to the agencies they partner with to continue to grow resources and build the community into the future.


Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta (JFGA) is the only organization where you can care for Jews in need and build a strong Jewish community in Atlanta and around the world with a single gift. Powered by volunteers and financial support from individuals, JFGA uses an impartial process to plan, allocate, and evaluate how to best meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs while making the greatest possible impact. JFGA’s vision is a thriving and connected 21st Century Jewish Atlanta where every Jew and their loved ones can access warm Jewish community, timeless Jewish wisdom, global Jewish peoplehood and Jewish ways to do good in the world. Find out more about Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta HERE.

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