Brownieland Volunteers in April with the Buckhead Mask Project

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing communities come together to help each other through these uncertain times. One way that people are lending a helping hand is by sewing cloth masks for healthcare workers who are on the frontlines of this crisis. This is the very reason that the Buckhead Mask Project was created, and as of March 21st, they have had 300 volunteers and over 125 “sewists” making masks for this Atlanta nonprofit. The Buckhead Mask Project describes themselves as, “neighbors and friends banding together, staying in our homes as we must during this pandemic, but working together to try to prevent a critical shortage of masks in the Atlanta Metro hospitals.” You can find out more about this Atlanta nonprofit organization HERE

For our April Volunteer Project, Brownieland’s Robyn Kranz joined the Buckhead Mask Project, sewing masks for workers in Atlanta Metro hospitals. Learn about Robyn’s experience sewing masks for this much-needed Atlanta nonprofit!

Brownieland Pictures April Volunteer Project with Buckhead Mask Project
Robyn and her mom on Robyn’s 2nd birthday wearing a dress made by her grandma.

My grandmother was a professional seamstress. When we were little, she would sew coats and hats for my brother and me. Yes, hats. I still have a number of garments she crafted, and a lot of her patterns, which have brought me great joy along with her handwritten notes about changes or tricks she would use to alter things just so and who she created the garment for with the name, and the date.

My mom sewed too, and I was always in awe of her patience, especially with my satin prom dress. I still remember her muttering, a mouthful of pins, as the satin slipped and slid all over the ironing board. But the effort was worth it: an emerald green masterpiece, custom made for me. You would think with all of that skill, it would transfer to me naturally, but alas, I am not the seamstress I wish I were. Yet, this will never stop me from trying.

I like to sew for a good cause. I’ve made quilts for all of my friends’ babies. I always ask a year of production time from the baby’s birth so I can create something that fits their personality (and buy some time, since I am super slow), and that has been so rewarding. I also sew for the Junior League of Atlanta, where we make all kinds of projects for those in need. Knitted caps for babies at the Grady NICU, tutu’s for Girls on the Run, and blankets for abuse victims. These projects give a purpose to my work.

So naturally, sewing masks for healthcare workers was right up my alley. I have been sewing for the Buckhead Mask Project, who, to date, has created and donated over 5000 masks to the Piedmont Healthcare System. It is a small way to give back to those who are serving us every day, taking risks, and putting their lives on the line. My masks are not perfect creations, but I put as much into them that I can. 

Every mask allows me to channel my grandmother and mother, who I know are right beside me, guiding my hand. I’m now the one muttering with the pins in my mouth, putting all the love and care into each mask, as much as a prom dress or a matching hat and coat.bI urge you to get involved and give back wherever and whenever you can. If you’re interested in making masks, let us know, and we will share any information we can with you. We give what we can to others, and no matter how much or how little, everyone can make a difference.

Brownieland Pictures April Volunteer Project with Buckhead Mask Project
Masks that Brownieland’s Robyn Kranz sewed for the Buckhead Mask Project.

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