Brownieland Partners with the Atlanta Speech School to Produce New Videos for Read Right from the Start’s Cox Campus

Talking with babies makes their brains smarter! Babies, toddlers… all littles, in fact! We are born craving connections, and when we are intentional about relationships, we help our smallest people strengthen their foundations for all learning. Talk With Me Baby (TWMB) works with partners to help all families understand what talking with babies – in any language – looks, sounds, and feels like. Take a look at the latest videos Brownieland produced in partnership with the Atlanta Speech School’s Rollins Center for Language and Literacy for TWMB courses on Read Right from the Start’s Cox Campus and share with new families you may know!

Cox Campus “Talk Read Play” Video: Story Time with Asé

Check out Cox Campus for more recent videos: 

Follow Her Lead:  Play time is a great time to build your child’s vocabulary. Watch Ashley follow Zuri’s lead and push-in lots of language as they enjoy a lovely spring day. Watch the video HERE.

 Serve and Return with KingstonAny activity can turn into a meaningful conversation. Watch Danielle and Kingston have a beautiful, language-filled interaction while getting ready for bath time. Watch the video HERE.

 Meal Time with Anna:  Children communicate long before they start using words. Watch Kate tune into Anna’s cues during mealtime. Watch the video HERE.

Cox Campus is a professional development platform of research based online courses designed to improve the language and literacy instruction of teachers. These courses provide practices that when implemented in the classroom have been proven to dramatically increase children’s vocabularies, critical thinking skills, and prepare them to learn to read. Developed by the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy at the Atlanta Speech School and through generous donors, Read Right from the Start is free of charge to anyone who wishes to take the courses. Talk With Me Baby is a collaboration of six leadership organizations, all working to bring the concept of language nutrition into public awareness and educate caregivers on the importance of talking with their baby every day, in an effort to close the word gap. 

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