CHRIS 180 Provides Outreach to the Atlanta Community During the Pandemic

CHRIS 180 is one of those organizations that when you ask what it does for our community, you really should be asking what DOESN’T CHRIS 180 do. For almost 40 years, CHRIS 180 has helped families thrive, given adoption and foster support, helped with homelessness and mental health issues, and has taken care of teens who age out of the foster care system. When COVID-19 hit, CHRIS 180 realized their clients needed support with food insecurity, so they stepped up to make that happen. Their biggest annual fundraiser, The CHRIStal Ball, was virtual this year, yet CHRIS 180 was able to raise more than their goal. Brownieland had the honor of creating videos for the event, as well as meeting some of the outstanding staff and clients who CHRIS 180 serves. Watch the video to find out more about this incredible organization!

CHRIS 180’s mission is to heal children, strengthen families and build community. CHRIS is an acronym that represents the organization’s core values: Creativity, Honor, Respect, Integrity and Safety. Since 1981, their goal has been to unlock the potential of Georgia’s children, youth and families. The CHRIS 180 vision is to improve the community by providing children, adults and families with high-quality, trauma-informed behavioral health services and support systems. Find out more about CHRIS 180 HERE.

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