Brownieland features Second Helpings Atlanta in Honor of Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month, so Brownieland Pictures once again wishes to highlight the exceptional philanthropic work of Second Helpings Atlanta (SHA), and in showcasing their foundation’s story, understand the principle of such a cherished community organization. In the month of August, Brownieland had the privilege to collaborate with SHA to amplify the mission and legacy that took root here in Atlanta almost two decades ago. Brownieland collaborated with SHA for an in-depth overview of SHA’s story in their recent Full Plates, Full Hearts event. This event honored Sheri Labovitz and Liz Blake, two champions of SHA’s mission. Participants celebrated the impact of Second Helpings Atlanta, reflected on the growth of the last eighteen years, and cast a bold vision for the organization’s future. 

Watch our video collaboration, to see the full story.

While partnering with them over the years, we’ve showcased the organization’s principle of connection; their community initiative is designed to nourish our neighborhoods by directly bridging food donors with excess goods to communities that experience food insecurity. Their service is also unlike ordinary food drives  because they retrieve goods from donors such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. The relationships SHA has built create accessibility for communities that would not otherwise have access to seemingly rare commodities such as fresh produce. In 2021 alone, SHA rescued 3.6 million pounds of food which is equivalent to approximately 3 million meals. With their network of over 300 volunteers, they managed to deliver this quantity of food on 7500 different routes across the Atlanta service area. 

This organization also poses as an excellent volunteer opportunity for individuals and groups alike. There are many ways to support Second Helpings Atlanta during such a quintessential month. No matter how you choose to lend a hand, we hope that you will join SHA and meet the needs of Atlanta’s together. We can “Drive Out Hunger One Mile at a Time.” 

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