Food Justice Champions: The Grocery Spot

April Issue

If you’ve been following along with Brownieland for a while now, you know that we are regularly committed to working with food justice organizations in the Atlanta area. 

On April 21st, Brownieland volunteered with a new organization, the Grocery Spot, for their regularly scheduled Friday restock, and it was truly an impactful and transformative experience. 

This organization isn’t your average nonprofit food distributor, although they do collaborate with some of our favorite partners, like the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Second Helpings Atlanta. The Grocery Spot is a community supported, free grocery store and event space located in Grove Park. They rely on donations from individuals and partner organizations, as well as grants to fund their business model. Additionally, The Grocery Spot promotes crowdfunding opportunities through social media; in fact, we started following @thegroceryspot on Instagram and decided to get involved! We highly recommend that all our partners and allies check them out, too. 

Opened in 2021, The Grocery Spot was truly groundbreaking. The community has long struggled with limited access to fresh and nutritious food, making it a food desert. Currently though, The Grocery Spot seeks to alleviate this issue. It serves approximately 500 people a day, opening at 10 AM every Tuesday and Thursday, and it typically remains open until all the food is gone. Moreover, organizers regularly accommodate teachers and educators in the area by offering special shopping hours. 

Their mission is to improve food access and fight for food justice as well as provide a safe space to gather, learn, and grow. From our volunteer experience, we spoke to regular members and staff to see how they make good on their mission every week. Check out the interviews for more insights, HERE. You can also sponsor a shopper for just $5! Make a monetary contribution today through their Cashapp or Venmo. Additionally, you can sign up for their regular volunteer opportunities HERE. We truly hope you connect with this organization in any capacity because the work they do is phenomenal.

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