Brownieland Monthly Wrapped: March Issue

This month, Brownieland celebrated the great stories we foster and share in more ways than one. On Sunday, March 26, Brownieland had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta Speech School’s A, B, Seas Language and Literacy Gala. Check out the details of our experience at the event HERE!

Meanwhile, we championed the efforts of women and girls for Women’s History month, both in the city of Atlanta and across the nation. On March 12th, we spoke with our very know, Robyn Kranz, as she recounts her personal experience in the Girl Scout’s, HERE.

Finally, travel back in Brownieland History to spotlight the Atlanta Women’s Foundation, as an exceptional organization, they have left an impact on the hearts and minds of women in our community throughout the course of such a turbulent pandemic. Check out the feature, here.

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