Celebrating National Park & Recreation Month with Grant Park Conservancy

For our July Volunteer Project, the Brownieland Team signed up to volunteer with Grant Park Conservancy in honor of National Park and Recreation Month!


The Grant Park Conservancy is committed to the restoration, renovation, beautification, and maintenance of historic Grant Park. GPC’s vision is to create a world-class park that preserves its historical importance and features; provides venues for active and passive recreation for individuals, families, and youth; and is an oasis of green space in the heart of Atlanta. The Conservancy was established in 1998 and works closely with Zoo Atlanta, area neighborhood associations, and the City of Atlanta’s Department of Parks and Recreations to protect and enhance the park.

Grant Park Conservancy depends on volunteers to help keep Grant Park healthy and beautiful. Project G.R.A.N.T (Greenspace Restoration and Neighborhood Teamwork) convenes in the park on the fourth Saturday of every month. Volunteers tackle labor-intensive projects throughout the park including invasive plant removal, beautification & maintenance projects, and tree canopy care. You will get dirty and make a visible impact in the park!

Find out more about volunteering with Grant Park Conservancy HERE.

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